Data Sheet | Secure Access Made Easy

Secure Access in a Zero-Trust World

The Pulse Access Suite is a comprehensive Secure Access solution that connects workers to company resources and protects company devices, regardless of location – in the data center, cloud or mobile. Pulse Secure delivers access to all company resources via a single client or mobile application – dramatically simplifying access and increasing user productivity. Administrators configure contextual access policies on Pulse Connect Secure to control access to the cloud and data center based on devices, locations, resources, users and groups, or even endpoint profiling. Pulse Policy Secure with the Pulse Profiler extends policies to internal networks, allowing organization to identify, profile, secure and manage internal devices, provide guest user access, and secure BYOD endpoints. Pulse One provides centralized management and reporting to provide complete visibility and meet the needs of the toughest regulatory compliance environments - learn more now.

Next Generation NAC

NAC technologies have evolved significantly from device access authorization, BYOD, and guest management functions to more granular endpoint visibility, access and security capabilities that support robust policies driven by mobility, cloud, and virtualization trends. Choosing to implement a next-generation NAC solution dramatically improves an organization’s network security posture. Comprehensive visibility of managed, unmanaged and unknown endpoints teamed with policy-based enforcement of device accessibility to the network, ensure appropriate user and device network resource access while enabling guest and IOT device risk management. By effectively quarantining untrusted parties, suspect endpoints who fail security compliancy checks, or IOT devices into specific network segments, or by blocking their access altogether, the risk of an intentional or accidental introduction of malware, network breach, or sensitive data exfiltration can be reduced - learn more now.


Whitepaper | Demystifying NAC

Data Sheet | Appliance Series Overview

Pulse Secure Appliance Series

Purpose-built for Pulse Secure advanced security services, the new Pulse Secure Appliance (PSA) Series offer comprehensive visibility into endpoints for faster troubleshooting and reporting, while driving more efficient network operations and connectivity, regardless of device, network, or location. Furthermore, the PSA provides flexible deployment within the data center or cloud via a physical, virtual or cloud appliance - learn more now.