Break / Fix Maintenance

When you need technical support you don’t have time to waste looking for specific support contacts and enduring endless transfers. With Copper River IT’s Client Care Services, one call to your Client Care line is all it takes to get you connected to the resources you need.

Offering many of the same features you would receive directly from top-tier OEMs, Copper River IT‘s ClientCare Services provide automated incident detection, troubleshooting, data collection, and issue escalation that results in an efficient, rapid response to network issues. Service automation capabilities ensure that your network uptime is maximized, downtime is minimized, and IT infrastructure is utilized optimally to deliver business needs.

Copper River IT works in tangent with OEMs to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. Based on a per device contract, Copper River IT’s Juniper ClientCare offering combines traditional U.S.-based, 24x7 support, e-support, e-learning, and service automation. The powerful combination of these resources, in addition to Copper River IT’s familiarity with customer environment configurations, will increase your operational effectiveness, lower operational costs, provide powerful inventory management tools and reduce the time needed for problem identification and diagnostics.