Owned by the Native Village of Eyak, each of the Copper River Family of Companies brings a complementary set of solutions services to support the diverse missions and requirements of our customers. Our commitment to service excellence has built our reputation and drives us to continually evolve and expand our offerings. As the holding company for all the For-Profit entities, it is the mission of Copper River Management Company to guide the work of each wholly owned subsidiary companies including Copper River Information Technology, Copper River Enterprise Services, Copper River Technologies, Moss Cape, and TACG to promote self-determination for the Native Village of Eyak Tribal members.  

The Native Village of Eyak

Officially formalized in 1980, the Native Village of Eyak (NVE) has become a diverse and dynamic union of many Native peoples united as a successful, sovereign and independent nation. Home to the Eyak, Aleut, Tlingit, Athabascan, and Yupik peoples for over 10,000 years, the village is located between the major ecosystems of the Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta on the eastern Gulf of Alaska.

The Native Village of Eyak Traditional Council is a tribal government that promotes self-determination to Native Village of Eyak tribal members. Under the guidance of the Council, tribal offices provide health and social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, jobs, and job training to the Native Village of Eyak. The Tribe operates in a way that is acceptable to Alaska Native cultural values and traditions in order to enhance the well-being of their people both physically and spiritually. The Tribal Council seeks ways to enrich tribal living through community-operated tribal programs and self-determination opportunities.