Solution Overview | The Smart Digital Workplace

Gain Full-Spectrum Visibility and Take the Power Back

The smart digital workplace requires a network foundation that provides more than just traditional connectivity. It requires sophisticated policy and monitoring tools for a diverse environment of wired and wireless end-user and building IoT devices. This new workplace environment contains numerous interconnected sensors and gateways which generate large volumes of data. Most of these systems interoperate in real time, providing sophisticated data analytics and improved user experiences to workers, building managers, IT professionals, and other stakeholders. Aruba’s Mobile First Architecture provides a strategic foundation to deliver winning experiences and improve worker productivity, while reducing risk. Learn more now!

Secure Endpoint Connectivity with Common Criteria Certified Aruba ClearPass

At one time, Common Criteria was required only by government agencies, given the high value of the assets and information they were protecting. Today, however, because cyberattacks have become increasingly more intelligent, targeted and damaging, government agencies and enterprise organizations alike face similar risks and consequences if a cyberattack is successful. Learn more now how Common Criteria certification, recently granted to Aruba ClearPass serves as a critical element of assurance to support the overall IT security strategy.


Solution Brief | Endpoint Security with Aruba ClearPass

Solution Brief | Mobile First Network Solutions

Serve the Needs of GenMobile

The surge in mobile and IoT means that the wired and wireless network must deliver more than just connectivity—the network is expected to provide actionable insights about the use of mobile and IoT to justify future investments, so that businesses can adopt new technologies and serve the needs of GenMobile—while keeping the network secure and without breaking the budget. Aruba Mobile First Networks are optimized for today’s enterprise and SMB environments where mobile and IoT are pervasive. Learn more now!